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We’ve teamed up with the charcuterie geniuses at Babs Boards to create the ultimate Ravinia experience. (Please don’t attempt to eat this photo.) Six standard size Luxe & Lilac vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, topped with our buttercream floral beauties in a special summer palette of pastel pinks, cream, and misty greens. Plus! Cheeses, meats, artisan crackers, fresh or dried fruit, or both!, olives, cornichons, nuts, and those special twists that make Babs Boards the best in the biz of boards.  Also suitable for the backyard, the rooftop, or your

droptop Rolls Royce. Ha! Just kidding, we know you never eat in the Rolls.


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Giving can be so incredibly sweet.

This Pride Month we’re helping Glenview Youth Services do their thing. Order a Luxe & Lilac Pride Box and we’ll donate 15% of the sale to Glenview Youth Services’ Pride programming. Never has spreading a little hope involved such totally amazing buttercream. Your Pride Box will have six delectable cakes topped in our special Pride tinted florals and make you feel really nice. And, bonus, when you share your cakes, you’re giving even more.


You know what, you’re so generous, you deserve a cupcake.

Pickup June 15th-18th

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Illinois Cottage Food Certified

This product was produced in a home kitchen not inspected by a health department that may also process common food allergens. If you have safety concerns, contact your local health department.


We abide by all Illinois Cottage Food requirements and are food manager certified.


Optimally, all orders need to be placed 7 days in advance.

On some occasions, we are able to accommodate orders with less time. Email us at

Wow! I’ve tried cupcakes from the best bakeries in NYC and LA after chasing my foodie dreams, and am blown away by the beauty and taste of Luxe and Lilac cupcakes right here in Glenview. They are stunning and taste as wonderful as they look. Such a fun way to make parties and events extra memorable! This is my new go-to gift and holiday tradition.


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